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Why Buy Group Insurance?


For many, Group Insurance allows them to buy insurance through a group at a lower rate than they could otherwise find based on their health conditions. In many cases, Group Insurance is Guaranteed Issue, meaning pre existing health issues don't disqualify you.  If you have been declined for coverage elsewhere, Group Insurance may be your best bet.

First, you need to be part of a group to qualify. At TermProvider/Big Lou we have partnered with America's Consumers & Affiliates, LP (AC&A) to offer you access to their Group and its benefits.  What are the requirements to join this group? You must be employed and working at least 20 hours per week. You must not be disabled. Lastly, you must agree to anonymous access to your internet web browser.  This anonymous data is not used to market to you and it is not tied to your identity. This anonymous data is used in marketing analysis, and is not tied directly to you. The information collected is site visited, length of visit, and time of visit.  This sharing of browsing data is much less intrusive than what your typical search engine or social media platform collect already. 


There is no cost to join, and no ongoing membership fees of any kind.

Enroll Here - New Window Will Open See Instructions Below

Once you become a member of the AC&A you become eligible for all of the benefits they provide, which includes something near and dear to our hearts, affordable Life Insurance.

  • Ages 18-70 Qualify for $5,000 to $100,000 of Whole Life or Term Coverage with no medical questions, approved immediately upon enrollment.

  • The Group Insurance Coverage is Provided by Boston Mutual Life Insurance, an A Rated Insurer and is completely portable. This means if you leave the group for any reason in the future, you can continue your Life Insurance Coverage at the same rates. You only lose coverage if you stop paying the premium.

  • The Insurance Policy builds cash value, and has an accidental death benefit as well. Limits apply.

  • Not Available in the following states.  AK, HI, NY and PR.

  • Policy Will Become Effective on the 1st of the Month following a 30 day wait period.

Non - Tobacco Rates For A Few Ages and Amounts Are Below For Whole Life Insurance:

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Enroll Here - New Window Will Open

Steps to Enroll: Keep This Window Open - Step By Step Guidance - Takes less than 5 minutes.

  1. Click Link above to Open Enrollment Window. Bookmark This Page In Browser.

  2. Top Right of Page, click Register. Complete Information to Set Up Online Account.

  3. The New Page will ask you login with email address you just entered on previous page and password you set up.

  4. Once Logged In - On Left Side of Page Choose Life then Whole Life or Term to Access Rates.

  5. Basic Information Page Displays - Click Green Add Button to Proceed to Rate Page.

  6. Verify State Is Correct, Entered from Registration page. Click Green Continue Enrollment Button.

  7. In Dropdown, choose Myself then Answer Tobacco question, Enter Date of Birth and Choose Death Benefit Amount.

  8. Wait a few seconds and Monthly Premium Will Show.  You can change the benefit amounts to find premium that meets your goals and budget.

  9. Click Green Continue Enrollment Button. Please Note, any Amount over $100,000 will require health questions and a physical exam. 

  10. Answer Membership Questions - Disability, Replacement, and Full Time (20 Hours Per Week) Work questions. First two must be NO and question three must be Yes to qualify. Click Green Next Button.

  11. Complete Address - Click Next. City - Next, Zip Code - Next

  12. Complete Height and Weight, Annual Income, Occupation - Will not Disqualify You at $100,000 or less coverage.   Add Beneficiary Details and Click Save Beneficiary, then Click Continue Enrollment. 

  13. Next Page Has information on the Limited Partnership. Please Read and check acknowledgement boxes as appropriate. Click Confirm Enrollment - And In the Pop Up Window Proceed to Checkout

  14. If You Are Paying Monthly - There is a fee to use bank draft or credit card. Those fees are now displayed. Click Finish Enrollment.

  15. Choose Checking or Credit As Payment Method - Enter Payment information and choose date you want payment drafted monthly. Coverage always begins the first of the next month, and your first payment will come out prior to that date.

  16. The Next Screen Will Verify Your Enrolled Coverage and Coverage Will Start on the 1st of the Next Month.

  17. You Will Receive An Email from Enrollment First (Who Administers The Group Plan) With Confirmation of Your Enrollment.

  18. Next, A 2nd Email will be sent for you to electronically sign the agreement to Join the Limited Partnership (LP) America's Consumers & Affiliates.  Since there is no cost to join, there is no financial/legal responsibility on your part.

  19. Within 7-10 days you will receive an email to download the browser plugin on your computer.

  20. Lastly, Once your Policy is available, usually about 6 weeks, we will send you access to your online policy portal. Your coverage begins the 1st day of the month following enrollment, and when your first premium is paid.

For Over 30 Years, 100,000 People Have Trusted Us With Their Life Insurance.  No Cost. No Obligation To Start.


T: 800-682-2017

F: 877-242-0788


M: 348 SW Miracle Strip Pkwy Suite 3A

Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

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