What Is Pension Maximization?

When you retire, you have a lot of choices to make, and most important among these choices is whether to take your full pension payout or elect to have a spousal benefit.  If you take the maximum, your spouse gets nothing when you die. If you opt for your spouse to receive 100% of your benefit when you die, you will receive only 50% - 70% of your maximum benefit now.


You May Be Giving Up HALF of Your Pension! 

If you are in good health, or even if you have a few health glitches, you can usually use Life Insurance to protect your spouse's income and pay much less than your pension continuation options.

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A 60 Year Old Male who is retiring in a few years with a $5,000 per month pension for life, may only receive $3,900 per month to guarantee his spouse the same income after his death. Guaranteeing your spouse's income will cost much less with Life Insurance.

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With That Experience, We Have Noticed That Many Of Our Clients Have Weight Issues and Other Health Glitches Common To Those That Are Overweight. Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, and Heart Disease are Just a Few.  If We Can Help Educate our Clients about The Life Insurance Process and The Health Issues that Affect their Premiums, Not Only Will Their Health Improve, But Their Life Insurance Premiums Will Go Down.  


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