What Is Pension Maximization?

When you retire, you have a lot of choices to make, and most important among these choices is whether to take your full pension payout or elect to have a spousal benefit.  If you take the maximum, your spouse gets nothing when you die. If you opt for your spouse to receive 100% of your benefit when you die, you will receive only 50% - 70% of your maximum benefit now.


You May Be Giving Up HALF of Your Pension! 

If you are in good health, or even if you have a few health glitches, you can usually use Life Insurance to protect your spouse's income and pay much less than your pension continuation options.

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A 60 Year Old Male who is retiring in a few years with a $5,000 per month pension for life, may only receive $3,900 per month to guarantee his spouse the same income after his death. Guaranteeing your spouse's income will cost much less with Life Insurance.

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